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Authentic reviews from cookie lovers


Straits Times

I had my first Chatsworth Cookies at steakhouse The Feather Blade a few months ago and I never forgot it. The chunky chocolate S'mores cookie- paired with a rum dark chocolate mint or strawberry gin milkshake - is served as a dessert at the restaurant. - Eunice Quek

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New York-style cookies are one of the upcoming trendy foods in Singapore right now, and this home-grown store prides itself for being one of the few that sell the authentic stuff here. 

The Chocolate Chip cookies are evidence that you can’t go wrong with going back to the original flavours always. These cookies are filled with walnuts and chocolate chips substantially, making sure that every bite is consistently delicious. 

For those who prefer their cookies with a more grainy touch, the Oatmeal Raisin would be a better choice. It is on the drier side in comparison to the other cookies but it still has a well-balanced texture, making it easy to chew. 

The Triple Chocolate and Matcha White Chocolate both have a filling which is so rich in flavour, making it the best part of the cookies. 

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District SixtyFive

Their Triple Chocolate Cookie is literally to die for. I once read an article about how sweet and salty flavors work well together. As humans are omnivores who crave a variety of tastes, this flavor combination provides a sensory specific satiety. In layman terms, it makes our brains feel good. Chatsworth’s Triple Chocolate Cookie is the prime example of this argument. The sprinkle of sea salt not only accentuated the sweetness of the dark chocolate, but provided the right balance.

Their latest Oatmeal Raisin Cookies was also a banger. It’s supposed to be seasonal item for the month of August but it seems like they’ve gotten a lot of positive reviews for it because they changed it to a permanent item on their menu!